Asian Food Restaurants in Andorra, Europe

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In Andorra, you will be able to also try out asian food restaurants with all kinds of dishes from all over the Orient.

Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese Restaurants.... in Andorra you will be able to find diverse asian food dishes. In this section we have a listing of the different Asian restaurants you can enjoy.


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  • Specialty in fish and seafood. Also, we have a variety of dishes that represent local market produce here in Andorra.

    +376 72 26 90

    Avenida D'Enclar 58

  • Restaurants in Andorra specializing in crepes, in pizza and in pastas. Excellent Italian cuisine.

    +376 85 18 85

    Carretera General

  • Andorrean restaurant that specializes in grilled meat, as well as fresh market dishes. Located in Andorra la Vella.

    +376 86 98 35

    Avenida Tarragona 42

  • Andorra restaurants with specialty in grilled meats, and a variety of fresh dishes from the local market. Excellent dessert.

    +376 82 99 48

    Plaza de Guillermo

  • Pizzerias in Andorra la Vella that specializes in pizzas and Mediterranean cuisine.

    +376 80 58 05

    C Terra Vella 9

  • International cuisine using local produce from the markets. Menus and tapas. We are located in Andorra la Vella.

    +376 82 74 76

    Bonaventura Armengol 11

  • Restaurant in Andorra specializing in grilled meats and the freshest seasonal food from the local market.

    +376 88 00 80

    Av Meritxell 11

  • Restaurant Cafe in Andorra with a specialty in pizza, and tapas.

    +376 82 83 31

    Avenida Tarragona 53

  • This restaurant in Andorra specializes in tapas, local dishes and Mediterranean cuisine.

    +376 86 39 94

    Bajos de la Avenida Meritxell 86.

  • Restaurant with a specialty in fresh food from the market and creative cuisine. Located in Andorra la Vella.

    +376 86 29 31

    Cap del Carrer 7

  • Pizzeria in Soldeu Canillo, Andorra specializing in Italian cuisine and pizzas.

    +376 87 27 87 87

    Carretera General.

  • This restaurant in Andorra la Vella specializes in pizza and succulent tapas.

    Baixada del Molí

  • Restaurant in Andorra with specialties in brazed and grilled meat, and also in market fresh dishes.

    Calle Na María Pla 19-21

  • Specialties in local cuisine here in Andorra la Vella. Daily menus and pizzas.

    +376 82 15 99

    Plaza Guillermo 3

  • Homestyle cooking restaurant in Andorra la Vella. Daily menus. Specializing in pizza. Economic price and excellent service.

    +376 82 44 77

    Calle Alzinaret 6

  • Specially picked foods and delicious meats in a home-style cooking restaurant in Andorra la Vella.

    + 376 80 40 26

    Carretera la Comella 2

  • Home-style andorrean cooking and Galician dishes. This restaurant in Andorra specializes in traditional cuisine.

    +376 82 66 22

    Castellá del Sucará 4.1

  • Italian cuisine restaurant in Andorra la Vella that specializes in pizza and pasta. We also have daily menus.

    + 37686 84 16

    La Aigëtá 4

  • Mediterranean cuisine in Andorra la Vella. Pastas and pizza. Variety of dishes and daily menus.

    +376 82 01 96

    Plaza Rebés 6

  • Restaurant specializing in American cuisine in Andorra. Specialty in Mexican dishes as well.

    +37 68 6 77 27

    Calle Na María Pla 18-20 Primera Planta

  • This restaurant boasts of daily menus made up of fresh food from the local market in Andorra.

    +376 82 45 85

    Avenida Meritxel 44

  • Seafood and freshwater fish. Grilled meats. This restaurant is located in Andorra la Vella.

    +376 86 733 3

    Principe Benlloch 4

  • Seafood and freshwater fish restaurant in Andorra la Vella. We also use fresh food from the local market, and serve tapas.

    +376 82 00 26

    C Prat de la Creu 15 25

  • Andorra restaurant with a specialty in Chinese, Japonese, and Vietnamese food. Enjoy the daily menu.

    +376 86 98 98

    Prat de la Creu 8

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